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The MedSurplus Alliance

We exist to:

Engage and inspire cross-sector medical product donation partners

to advance equitable access to health by providing quality supplies, devices, and pharmaceuticals;

when and where they are needed.

Why?  Because in places where people travel all day to find health care

there are no second chances, we have to get it right the first time

by ensuring health care providers have the supplies they need, 

when and where they need them.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Members, Partners and Accredited MSROs

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MSA Accredited

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Our Approach


Stakeholder Inititatives

At the helm of MSA, are committed and active stakeholders representing all sectors who create and manage our programs.  Their leadership is driving innovation, collaboration, and sustainability in medical surplus management.


Professional Certifications

MSA's professional certifications and accreditations help ensure that an organization's global health donation processes adhere to recognized standards, promote accountability, and ultimately improve health outcomes for populations worldwide.


Secure Donation Platform

Online programs utilizing Saleforce and Smartsheets platforms track donation offers, review, approval and shipments.

Top Stories


MSA Chair  Christopher Palombo
and Program Director Lori Warrens join the the 40th anniversary celebration!


Learn More & Get Started

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