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See Their Faces

The MedSurplus Alliance is fortunate to work with world-class artists and storytellers to create compelling videos and photos that tell a story that communicates the impact on individual lives.

We are also committed to respecting subjects' dignity by practicing and promoting an ethical approach to humanitarian photography.  

See Their Faces The Task Force for Global Health co-founder, Dr. William H. Foege, called for public health practitioners to ‘see the faces’ of the people behind the population health data. The Task Force’s Focus Area for Compassion and Ethics (FACE) works to elevate the importance of compassion and ethics in day-to-day global health practice. Compassion can inspire and sustain our work; ethics helps us understand what to do and how to do it.

Aubrey P. Graham, PhD

Emory University Institute for the Liberal Arts

Freelance Photographer & Media Consultant

We are committed to practicing and promoting an ethical approach to humanitarian photography. An ethical approach considers how the power dynamics and the expectations of the photographer, intermediaries, and subjects affect the participation of subjects.  


An ethical approach also requires choosing to not photograph or publish media created without the subject’s consent or that does not respect and preserve the subject’s dignity.


The images on this site were used with permission from the individuals, guardians and organizations depicted. In some cases, faces are obscured to protect identities.

Learn more by reviewing Aubrey Graham's 2019 Global Health Summit presentation - Global Health Photography, An Ethical Approach.


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Aubrey Graham

Benjamin Von Wong 

Ryan Zimmerman

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