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Section 5. Monitoring & Evaluation

Through ongoing communications with recipient organizations, the organization can not only effectively coordinate and collaborate with them throughout the donation process, but can partner with them in the organization's process to monitor and evaluate the quality, appropriateness, and effectiveness of all their actions. Continuous process evaluations are used to ensure that the organization's actions taken are effective or, if not, lead to an improvement.

Standard 5.1 Monitoring Donations 
By maintaining ongoing and effective communication, organizations have a process for ensuring that their donations match the quality and quantity of products being requested by the recipient organization, discussing the acceptability of any variation between the shipment inventory and the request, and responding to any adjustments that might be required.

PE 5.1.1 In coordination and collaboration with the recipient organization, the organization formulates and implements a plan for the organization to donate products to the recipient organization.

PE 5.1.2 The organization maintains ongoing and effective communication with recipient organization's medical personnel and logistics contacts throughout the needs assessment, donation process, and evaluation period as a resource as questions arise, and to ensure the continued relevance and appropriateness of the donation.

PE 5.1.3 The organization assesses any variation between the product requested by the recipient organization and the product being provided.

PE. 5.1.4 In advance of shipment, if there is a variation between the product being shipped and being requested, the organization confirms with the recipient organization that the variation is acceptable.

PE 5.1.5 The organization has process that confirms with the recipient organization that donations are received.

Standard 5.2 Evaluation
Organizations involve the recipient organization in evaluating the quality, appropriateness, and effectiveness of their donations, and with the evaluation results either confirming that the actions taken are effective or lead to improvements.

PE 5.2.1 The organization receives timely feedback from the recipient organization about whether the donation meets expectations and/or how the donation experience could have been improved.

PE 5.2.2 The organization evaluates its internal operations. including a review of the quality control and assurance procedures for inventory control and accuracy, damages, investigations, complaints, and employee safety.

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