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Medical Donations Are Not For Amateurs

Every part of health care - doctors, nurses, technicians,  and other health care professionals must follow standards and be certified to practice their profession.  We believe the same is true for every Medical Surplus Recovery Organization (MSRO).

The MSA Accreditation program is an independent and objective assessment of an MSRO's adherence to the World Health Organization Guidelines and the MedSurplus Alliance Code of Conduct Standards. It authenticates MSRO competence and integrity in Governance, Needs Assessment, Quality and Quantity, Logistics, Monitoring and Evaluation, Donations in Emergency Situations, and Disposal.


 MEET the Accredited MSROs - click a logo to view their video.

FIND MSROs using the Accredited MSRO Locator below.  Contact them directly to donate or request supplies.

NEED HELP? Contacting us at 404-371-0466 or info@medsurplusalliance.org. 

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Accredited MSRO Locator 

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