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We are improving healthcare and saving lives by advancing quality medical product donations. 

The MSA Code of Conduct (COC)

Published in 2013, the first Code of Conduct and Standards includes best practices for receiving, sorting, repairing, packaging, and shipping new or used medical products. They also provided a foundation for the MSA Accreditation Program requirements. 

As the MSA approached its ten anniversary, it began a two-year process to review and, if necessary, revise the COC.  Medical Gift-In-Kind stakeholders, current and past MSA members, standards, and accreditation professionals provided input.  The MSA Standards and Accreditation Committee provided leadership and oversight.   Lon Berkely, Project Director at Joint Commission (retired), joined the project in 2022 to provide leadership and technical expertise.   


The result is not a new or completely revised Code of Conduct.   Instead, the 2023 Code of Conduct builds on the original standards by improving clarity and ensuring that each standard and performance element is currently implementable, relevant, and measurable.  

COC Standards and Performance Element Structure

The Code of Conduct is organized into seven sections, each with supporting
standards and performance elements used to determine adherence to the standard.

 Code of Conduct Structure Example

Section 1. Organizational Effectiveness

An effective organization is a legal entity with a governance and operational structure committed to sustainable programming, integrity, excellence, and organizational transparency in serving qualified recipients without discrimination.


Standard 1.1 Governance: The organization has an appointed or elected Board of Directors, enabling governance that is fair and impartial, and responsible for overseeing all organizational operations.


PE 1.1.1 The organization has a written mission, vision, and/or values statement.

PE 1.1.2 The organization has written bylaws, policies, and procedures that are approved by the Board of Directors.


PE 1.1.3 The organization identifies the members of a Board of Directors, and the selection process, duties, and policies of the members are written in bylaws and/or Board policies.


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Organizational Effectiveness



Quality &



Monitoring & Evaluation

Donations in Emergency




Resources for Short-Term Aid

Guidelines and tools are available to help medical volunteers ensure that short-term global health activities are conducted ethically and make beneficial contributions to the health and well-being of communities around the world.

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