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Section 7. Disposal

The appropriate method, location, and timing for the disposal of all donated products by both the organization and recipient organization, especially those that are hazardous, minimizes costs, reduces risks, and contributes to responsible environmental practices.

Standard 7.1 Disposal - General
The organization and recipient organization are in compliance with applicable local, regional, and country-wide laws, rules, and regulations for donated product disposal.

PE 7.1.1 The organization disposes of products, in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and responsible environmental practices.

PE 7.1.2 The organization consults manufacturer information regarding the appropriate disposal procedures and informs the recipient organization of this information.

PE 7.1.3 The organization confirms that the recipient organization complies with all applicable laws and regulations in that country, as determined by the Ministry of Health or applicable entity.


Standard 7.2 Disposal - Pharmaceuticals
Due to the special disposal handling of different pharmaceuticals, the organization facilitates this disposal by separating pharmaceuticals into appropriate categories.

PE 7.2.1 The organization separates pharmaceuticals into different categories for which different disposal methods are required.

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