7.1 Disposal – General


7.1.1 General – Appropriate Disposal


Organizations will dispose of hazardous materials in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and good environmental practices. MSROs should check with the manufacturer and comply with appropriate disposal procedures. MSROs should check with the Ministry of Health or equivalent entity in the country in order to ensure compliance with appropriate laws and regulations. MSROs should ensure that drugs are separated into different categories for which different disposal methods are required. MSROs should have a specific plan in place for disposing of medical products.


Guidance & Resources

WHO: Guidelines for Safe Disposal of Unwanted Pharmaceuticals in and after Emergencies 

This resource provides background, methods, sorting categories, and recommendations for medical product disposal. 

(Source: World Health Organization)


WHO Regulation of Medical Devices: A Step-By-Step Guide

This resource includes the phases of a medical device, including the disposal phase. The purpose of this guide is to improve access of countries to quality and safe medical devices by offering guidance on strengthening their regulatory controls.  

(Source: World Health Organization Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean)