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Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro, Antigua Guatemala

Advancing Health Equity

The Challenge

"You run out of everything, 

except patients."

Our Priority

Building sustainable solutions to safely recover and distribute supplies, medical devices, and equipment.

Health Equity

While access to medicines and vaccines is crucial, the availability of medical supplies and devices is equally important. Ensuring that marginalized populations in low and middle income settings have access to these essential medical products is fundamental to advancing global health and development.


A medical surplus recovery organization is a beacon of compassion, gathering unused medical supplies to ensure they reach those in need.  


Repurposing and donating them help eliminate medical supply stock-outs and create access to quality supplies, medical equipment, and medicines. 


When managed properly donations can remove a significant barrier to reducing patient morbidity and mortality in low-income settings.

Our goal is to enable donors to ensure that their medical product donations are appropriate and beneficial to the recipient communities.

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