Who We Are

Task Force for Global Health

The MedSurplus Alliance is a program of The Task Force for Global Health.  Collectively, Task Force programs have a real impact by solving massive health problems. Our programs focus on eliminating diseases and protecting populations. Since our founding, we only take on problems we know can be solved, and we do it through powerful, global collaborations because we are in the business of solving problems.

MedSurplus Alliance

The MedSurplus Alliance (MSA) is a cross-sector alliance that works collaboratively to improve access to quality donated medical products, through accreditation, capacity-building, management and technology solutions, and leadership.  Our work is organized by strategic initiatives and projects that aim to increase the efficiency, value, scope, and quality of medical product donations.  Visit the MSA Initiatives page to learn more.

MedSurplus Alliance Leadership  Council

The MSA operates under the guidance of a cross-sector Leadership Council that includes medical surplus recovery organization leaders and stakeholders from the health care, private, public, manufacturing, and academic sectors.

2020-2021 Council Members

Georgia Winson, Executive Director, Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach – Chair

Barbara Wallace, former Vice President, Membership & Standards, InterAction – Standards and Accreditation Committee Co-Chair

Susan Huber, Senior Vice President, Governance and President, Ascension Global Mission 

Greg Folz, Administrative Director, Research Institute of Deaconess Clinic

Walter Ulrich, President & CEO of Medical Bridges

Chris Palombo, Chief Executive Officer, Dispensary of Hope

Charles Redding, President and Chief Executive Officer, MedShare Interantional, Inc.

Ozzy Samad, President, Brother's Brother Foundation

Denise Sears, President & CEO, SOS

Carolina Masri, Executive Director, MedWish International

John H. Vande Vate, Executive Director of EMIL-SCS, GeorgiaTech College of Engineering

Darryl Munden, President, RxOutreach

Patrick O'Carroll, Sector Head, Health Systems Strengthening, Task Force for Global Health

Lori Warrens, Director, MedSurplus Alliance (non-voting member)

Standards & Accreditation Program Leadership

The MedSurplus Alliance Standards & Accreditation Committee provides independent oversight to the MSA Standards and Accreditation programs.​  

Barbara Wallace, Committee Co-Chair and former Vice President, Membership & Standards, InterAction

Bonnie K. Kiconco Mutungi, Committee Co-Chair and Executive Director at Center for Women in Governance Uganda