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How does it work?

Container  Application Process 

A 40 ft. or 20 ft. shipping container that contains pallets loaded with boxes of medical supplies and equipment. The application process described below outlines the general process; the specifics will vary by MSRO. 

  1. Complete the online or downloaded application from the Medical Surplus Recovery Organization (MSRO) website.

  2. The recipient, sponsor, or designated intermediary completes the application and returns it to the MSRO. 

  3. The MSRO processes the application and contacts the applicant to discuss the application, funding, and timeline for completion.  

  4. The MSRO may assign a user ID and password to access the online inventory and order system. 

  5. The MSRO conducts a thorough needs assessment to confirm the donation is based on expressed need, at the request of the in-country partner, and confirms that the donation is appropriate for the setting.

  6. The port of entry is determined, shipment consignee identifies, and a shipping quote obtained. 

  7. The sponsor receives the invoice and remits the payment.

  8. The MSRO and the recipient organization approve the final packing list.

  9. The container is shipped. 


Please Note: The entire process will take three or more months to complete.



Hand Carry Application Process

Hand-Carry packages offer medical mission trip participants the option of choosing small amounts of medical supplies that can be carried in their luggage or checked as a separate bag.


MSRO hand-carry programs and application processes vary by location. Please visit the MSRO website to confirm the available options and begin the application process.   


Pick Up Service - The products are available for selection or pick up at the MSRO warehouse. 


Shipping Service - The MSRO ships the products to the applicant's domestic location. Please allow shipment may take 30 days or more to complete. 

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