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Donation Programs

Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations are sponsored and supported by hospitals and healthcare systems in their communities. 


These powerful and long-standing partnerships expand access to health and healing worldwide by donating equipment, devices, consumables, pharmaceuticals, contribute funding, and providing volunteers.  They also offer hospitals important benefits.

Mission Fulfillment  Support health care workers, heal more patients, and strengthen health systems worldwide.


Sustainability Integration  Extend equipment life, divert usable products from landfills, demonstrate environmental stewardship, and protect everyone's environment.


Employee Engagement  Offer volunteer opportunities and medical mission trip support.


Community Benefit  Support community programs, document community, needs assessment, and other program requirements.

Expert Guidance  MSA Accredited MSROs and the MSA offer onboarding programs to meet donor goals and requirements.

Thanks to Ascension Global Mission's generosity and leadership, the MSA has developed a seven-step implementation program, implementation tools, and guidance for health systems seeking to launch a new donation program or improve existing programs.


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Real change takes time

and leadership.  

In 2015, Ascension Global Mission and Ascension Health, one of the nation's largest healthcare systems with 172 Ascension Health hospital and medical center locations in the United States, partnered with the MedSurplus Alliance and MSA Accredited Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations to develop a nationwide standards-based approach to product donations linking MSROs from across the country to Ascension locations.  

Program leader Susan Huber, SVP, Sponsorship, Ascension, and President, Ascension Global Mission offers her perspective

on the journey in her 2019 Joint Summit presentation

Organizational Change & Leading by Example.

Susan Huber photo.jpg

Identify the Project Team


Identify persons responsible for facilitating the initial planning meeting, program orientation, and product pick-up.  

Planning Meetings


Conference Call – The MSA or MSRO will host a kick-off meeting to discuss the implementation process, answer questions and schedule an on-site meeting.


On-Site Meeting – To confirm the implementation timeline, roles, and responsibilities, provide staff orientations, and coordinate the initial shipment.

Initial Clean-Out


The MSA or MSRO staff may recommend an on-site review of the available products prior to shipment and arrange an initial clean-out shipment. 

MSRO Locations - Google Maps.png

MSRO Reports 


MSRO partners will provide a donation receipt, provide specific feedback regarding donations as needed to improve the program.

Hand Carry Donations 


Hospital staff participating in medical mission trips may request supplies using the MSA online request form or completing the full application form provided on each accredited MSRO's website.


Donation Reports 


The MSA or MSRO will provide donation program reports.  

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