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The MedSurplus Alliance (MSA) Initiatives aim to increase the efficiency, value, scope, and quality of medical product donations.  We focus on large-scale, system-changing initiatives that advance quality donation practices and protect the environment. 

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Advancing Quality Donation Practices

MSA Accredited MSROs adhere to the MedSurplus Alliance Code of Conduct, meaning that they align with the World Health Organization's guidelines for medical product donations. Accredited MSROs have documented and demonstrated their capacity to ensure that only medical products that are requested, safe, and appropriate are sent to recipient organizations.

The MSA Donation Data and Management System enables donors, MSROs, recipients, and other donation stakeholders to develop and access a rich data set for program planning, management, evaluation, and communication needs. 

Environmental Stewardship

Health care systems in the United States must determine how to handle over two million tons of medical waste each year; including unused or unexpired medical supplies and equipment. (Source: Healthcare Without Harm) Responsible and sustainable donation practices extend the useful life of medical products and are an essential component of health sector sustainability practices worldwide.  

The majority, but not all of the products received by MSROs are appropriate for meeting the needs of medically impoverished communities in low-income countries. Other products can re-sterilized and repackaged in compliance with FDA and other guidelines.  Donated products that don't meet the MSRO, MSA, or WHO guidelines may still have a useful purpose.


Education - Expired materials are donated to medical and nursing educators, helping to stretch their limited classroom supply budgets. 

Personal Hygiene – Shelters and social service organizations receive personal hygiene items that may not be appropriate to take on international medical mission trips.

Animal Welfare– Animal Welfare Organizations can safely use some expired supplies.


The Task Force for Global Health provides all people with opportunities to lead healthy, productive lives.


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