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Dr. Patrick O'Carroll, CEO Task Force for Global Health
AB Short, MedShare and MedSurplus Alliance Founder
Dr. William Foege, Task Force for Global Health Founder

MSA Global Summit 

Who We Are

The MedSurplus Alliance is a program of the Task Force for Global Health. The Task Force was founded by Dr. William Foege to solve one global health challenge: low global childhood immunization rates.

Since then, the world has turned to the Task Force to help solve some of our toughest health challenges.

The MedSurplus Alliance (MSA) joined in 2017 to do its part by increasing the quality, quantity, and capacity of medical supplies and equipment to improve the lives of underserved communities.


The mission of the MedSurplus Alliance is to engage and inspire cross-sector medical product donation partners to advance equitable access to health by providing quality medical products when and where they are needed.​

Vision and Values

As part of the Task Force for Global Health, we are values driven.
We value the lives of all people and believe they should have equitable access to the services that lead to healthier lives.

Our Priorities
While access to medicines, and vaccines is crucial, the availability of medical supplies and devices is equally important.
Ensuring that marginalized populations in low and middle income settings have access to these essential medical products is fundamental to advancing global health and development.

To achieve our mission, and goals of healthy people and a healthy planet, we focus on the following priorities:

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