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Medical Mission Trips

There are countless opportunities for medical professionals to volunteer abroad on short-term medical missions. These experiences hold the potential to provide invaluable and top-notch healthcare services.


However, it's crucial to carefully plan, prepare, and manage these trips to ensure they involve local leadership, respect local culture, benefit patients, responsibly utilize resources, and adhere to best practices for medical donations.

The MSA participates in the Advocacy for Global Health Partnerships, AGHP's purpose is to ensure that short-term global health activities are carried out ethically and make beneficial contributions to health and wellbeing in communities around the world. 

The Task Force Focus Area for Compassion and Ethics (FACE) exists to bring compassion and ethics to the center of global health work. We do this through convening and connecting, through consultation and education, and through research and pioneering our own initiatives.



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Accredited MSRO Hand Carry Programs

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