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Who We Work With

At MSA, we acknowledge the vital role stakeholders play in shaping the landscape of medical surplus donation.

From healthcare providers to manufacturers, distributors, NGOs, regulatory bodies, and philanthropic organizations, we actively engage with all stakeholders to ensure efficient and impactful surplus donation practices.

Hospitals and Health Systems

Life Sciences

Discover the innovative program and leadership behind our pioneering initiative. Ascension Health introduced the first standardized approach and system-wide process for collecting and reporting donations, showcasing impactful partnerships with MSROs and examples of their influence.

Kits4Life, crafted by the life sciences community, is a cross-sector initiative aimed at repurposing clinical trial supplies and equipment to address global healthcare disparities. Discover how Kits4Life is establishing a new humanitarian aid and sustainabilty standard in the life science industry.

Academic Partners

The MSA offers graduate students opportunities to gain experience in their field,  create a network of contacts, and provide valuable support to the program.

MSA Accredited MSROs

An Accredited Medical Surplus Recovery Program refers to a surplus recovery program that has undergone a process of accreditation to ensure that it meets certain standards of quality, efficiency, and ethical practices in the recovery and redistribution of medical surplus.

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