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Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations (MSROs) make it possible for doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers to combat disease outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics by providing the supplies and equipment they need.  When COVID-19 emerged in Asia, MSROs were well prepared to provide millions of masks, gowns, and gloves to help combat the initial epidemic.  


Today as the virus spreads at home, the MSA and its members have turned their attention to meeting local needs.  We are providing donations, supporting supply chain collaborations, and providing warehouse services to donors, hospitals, and health systems managing the surge of supplies required to treat patients.  


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COVID-19 Donation Guidance



Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach - Springfield, MO

  • Donated 25,000 lbs of essential PPE to 5 hospitals and clinics.

  • Collected and distributed 3,200 homemade masks, 27,000 gloves, and PPE. 

  • Providing warehouse space to support healthcare systems and local groups.

Brothers Brother Foundation - Pittsburgh, PA

  • Donated supplies to local government agencies, healthcare providers, and front-line responders. 

  • Acquired hospital beds and N95 masks for local and national use.

Supplies Overseas - Louisville, KY

  • Donated hundreds of thousands of face masks, gloves, eye protection, and gowns to local healthcare partners. 

  • Donated hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks to home health aides and police departments. 

Medwish International - Cleveland, OH

  • Supplied 55,962 masks, 105,851 gloves, 11,121 gowns, 11,834 eye shields, and other PPE to community healthcare facilities and front-line personnel. 

  • Secured and donated two ventilators and 16,865 pediatric and adult respiratory supplies for local hospitals.

Medical Bridges - Houston, TX

  • Donated N95 masks to charitable hospitals and clinics in Texas. 

MedShare - Decatur, GA / San Leandro, CA / Secaucus, NJ

  • Donated more than 82,000 N95 masks, 300,000 surgical masks, and other PPE and supplies to more than 75 U.S.-based hospitals and clinics in surrounding communities. ​

How should donors and their MSRO partners allocate PPE and other medical supplies during the current supply shortage?


We encourage donors to include the following considerations in their donation policy and planning process when responding to domestic and international requests during the current shortage.


Expressed need. Donate in response to a direct request from a qualified organization.  


Confirmed infection. Donate to a qualified organization operating in a domestic or international location with confirmed coronavirus infection.

Vulnerable populations. Consider donating to organizations serving vulnerable populations, including those working in low-resource countries or those serving fragile communities in domestic environments with increased potential for infection.

Probability of timely and secure delivery. Good stewardship may require donors to limit international donations to locations where shipping is prohibited or delayed until there is stable and reliable transport.



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