The MSA donation programs and partnerships aim to increase the efficiency, value, scope, and quality of medical product donations.

Quality Assurance

Accredited MSROs have documented and demonstrated their capacity to ensure that only requested, safe, and appropriate donations recipient organizations.

Impact Measurement

The MSA programs help donors track donations from donor organization to the final recipient. 

Environmental Stewardship

Quality medical product donations simultaneously save lives while reducing the donor organization's environmental impact.

Animal Welfare Programs        


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Kits4Life, winner of the 2016 the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) award for innovative technology concepts, is a not-for-profit platform created to repurpose non-used clinical trial lab kits for humanitarian aid. By partnering with the MSA, Kits4Life has access to MSROs and stakeholders with the necessary knowledge to improve the quality of the project.


The Ascension Health and MSA Partnership has been a successful collaboration in which MSA Accredited MSROs  and Ascension Health hospitals nationwide expand their capacity to serve the poor around the world by providing access to quality medical products. The MSA serves to provide donation, distribution, and impact reports while systemizing the donation process to avoid costly errors.