Code of Conduct and Accreditation Program

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It’s not enough to support donation standards in principle. The MedSurplus Alliance stakeholders believe that to make measurable progress we must commit to standards and demonstrate adherence through an objective accreditation program.

    Starting in 2012, a cross-sector team of medical donation, standards, and accreditation professionals developed the MedSurplus Alliance Code of Conduct to provide specific guidance and align practices with World Health organization guidelines. The Accreditation program is an independent and objective assessment of whether MSROs adhere to the standards in the Code of Conduct. It authenticates MSRO competence and integrity in Governance, Needs Assessment, Quality and Quantity, Monitoring and Evaluation, Donations in Emergency Situations, and Disposal. Each step of the Accreditation Process is designed to help MSROs build capacity and continuously improve donation practices.

     Code of Conduct      Code of Conduct Toolkit      Self Assessment Form      Accreditation FAQ

    The MSA has created a short video introduction to the MedSurplus Alliance and MSA Accreditation Program.   The video provides a comprehensive overview of the program and answers many of the most commonly asked questions.  Please contact us at for additional information.