Code of Conduct

MedSurplus Alliance Code of Conduct

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The MSA Code of Conduct (Code) reflects the collective commitment of the medical surplus recovery community to adhere to quality practices and ensure organization integrity. The Code is comprised of voluntary standards that were developed with the support of national medical donation experts and subsequently adopted by the founding MSRO members of the MedSurplus Alliance.  The Code was designed for MSROs that receive, sort, repair, package and ship new or used medical products. However, we also encourage donors, recipients and other stakeholders to use the Code to evaluate their medical donation program practices and to identify qualified MSRO partners.
    Published in 2013, the the Code of Conduct was developed with the support of the Catholic Health Association, the Partnership for Quality Medical Donations, medical surplus recovery organizations and stakeholders.  A newly formed MedSurplus Alliance Standards and Accreditation Program Committee comprised of independent standards experts and medical donation stakeholders will ensure that the Code remains an effective resource.