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MedSurplus Alliance Stakeholder Membership

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      Who is eligible to join the MSA?

      MedSurplus Alliance membership is open to all medical product donation stakeholders.  Stakeholders include: Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations (MSROs), Non-Profit/Non-Governmental Organizations, Health Systems, Hospitals, Corporations, Foundations, Associations, Consultants and Individuals.

      Membership Requirements

        All new members must commit to respect the Four Core Donation Principles as described below and to follow the MedSurplus Alliance Code of Conduct.  
        All Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations members are required to achieve MSA Accreditation. Please visit the MedSurplus Alliance Accreditation Program page to begin the accreditation process or learn more about the program.   Note: MedSurplus Alliance membership is not an Accreditation requirement.
          The Four Core Donation Principles* form the basis of acceptable medical equipment, consumables, and pharmaceutical donation practice:
          1. There should be effective coordination and collaboration between the donor and the recipient, with all donations made according to a plan formulated by both parties.
          2. Donations of medical equipment, consumables, and pharmaceuticals should benefit the recipient to the maximum extent.   All donations should be based on an expressed need. Unsolicited donations are discouraged.
          3. Donations should be given with due respect for the wishes and authority of the recipient, and in conformity with the government policies and administrative arrangements of the donating and recipient country and/or local authority.
          4. There should be no double standard in the quality of an item.  If it is unacceptable in the donor country, it is also unacceptable as a donation.
          *Adapted from the World Health Organization Donation Guidelines.

            Are there participation fees?

            Yes, MSA stakeholder membership dues and program fees are used to cover core operating expenses, including administration costs, education programs, communication and stakeholder committee support.  Members receive access to online resources, webinars, education programs and the MedSurplus Alliance conference.  Non-members have access to resources and events as well, but on a fee basis.   Note: Annual dues are based on the expenses indicated on the member’s last completed 990 tax form or other financial statement.   For non-profits, gifts-in-kind expenses may be deducted from the total expenses to determine the annual assessment.  
            LESS THAN $1 MILLION $500
            $1 MILLION TO $9.9 MILLION $1500
            $10 MILLION TO $24.9 MILLION $3000
            GREATER THAN $25 MILLION $5000
            APPLY ONLINE  or  contact us at (303) 285-1372 or