Disaster Donations


Let’s work together to ensure that emergency donations are made based on an expressed need, at the request of the experts on the ground and only after a needs assessment confirms that the donation is also appropriate for the setting. Why?  Because well intentioned, but inappropriate donations do more harm than good.  Many donations create a burden or “second disaster” when responders are forced to deal with trailers full of products they didn’t request.  They are forced to spend time and money sorting, storing, transporting and ultimately destroying unusable donations, instead of helping those in need.   You can help!   Donate money to qualified and experienced organizations that have the ability to provide aid where it’s needed most.  The following medical surplus recovery organizations support US and world-wide disaster recovery efforts by distributing life-saving medical supplies and equipment.

Partner With Qualified and Trusted Organizations

MSA Accredited Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations have the expertise and facilities required to collect, assess, store, manage and ship requested products to where they can do the most good.   The following MSROs partner with government agencies, disaster responders, donors, and non-profits to support US communities impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, as well as supporting humanitarian crises recovery efforts around the world. Contact us if you need help or want to help.   

Medical Bridges is teaming up with Brothers Brother Foundation (BBF) in its ongoing Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.  Collaborating with another nonprofit, Gleaning for the World, BBF has sent a truckload of very specific supplies requested by Medical Bridges that will supplement our inventory and allow us to continue providing much-needed items to various locations around Houston.  HURRICANE HARVEY RELIEF UPDATE  Medical Bridges and Brother’s Brother are also partnering to respond to the 7.1 earthquake near Mexico City. 

Georgia Winson, President and Executive Director offered this update.  “Our hearts are heavy for those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and we are currently in contact with organizations in the areas affected by these devastating storms in order to identify opportunities to assist and will provide information soon.  We are mindful of that organizations offering donated items should make certain that the items they can provide are needed and have local partners able to store and distribute the donation(s).”   HUMANITARIAN CRISIS RESPONSE

Eric Talbert, Western Director provided a Harvey response update to ABC’s bay area affiliate.  In addition to describing MedShare’s work, Eric also recognized the supporters that make it possible.  “Thanks to our supporters, volunteers and financial backers we are up to the challenge.” Watch the story: MEDSHARE HURRICANE HARVEY AID NEWS VIDEO    


The Dispensary of Hope was able to secure additional medication at the request of our existing sites in TX.  Part of this medication has been delivered and part is on hold in the distribution center in Nashville.  Dispensary of Hope COO Josh Kravitz reports that all of their pharmaceutical access sites withstood the storm, many had severe shipping delays and the sites outside Houston are seeing an influx of patients. LEARN MORE     

  BBF is partnering Gleaning For The World and others to deliver 34+ trailer loads of donated water, food, and medical items including trailer loads from food banks in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia.  BBF is also collaborating with the Connecticut Association of Schools in a unified appeal to collect funds in support of the needs of schools and school systems in Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico.   HURRICANE RESPONSE  Supplies Over Seas responded to Hurricane Harvey by partnering with the office of Mayor Turner of Houston and Emergency Management Services to ship specifically requested medical supplies, personal care and clean-up items. SOS is also working with the Red Cross of Mexico on a container of medical supplies and equipment to help re-furnish hospitals that lost these items in the earthquake. LEARN MORE