Health System & Hospital Programs

                  The MedSurplus Alliance is partnering with  Ascension Health to design a replicable, standards-based medical surplus recovery program.  In 2016 a team of 16 cross-sector stakeholders piloted this new approach to medical product donations that leverages the roles, capacity and mission of all Ascension Health system stakeholders.  Based on the pilot findings the partners will implement the system-wide program that using the following principles:

Standards-Based Donation Programs

Ascension Health medical product donations should adhere to World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines. Partnering with MSA Accredited Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations (MSROs) help ensure that donations activities will meet or exceed WHO Guidelines.

One Ascension Approach

To the extent possible, Ascension should adopt a system-wide approach to implementing new donation programs, collecting activity data and reporting program impact, while also allowing some customization to meet market needs.

Build Medical Surplus Recovery Organization – Health Ministry Partnerships

Recognize MSA Accredited MSROs as partners in their efforts to ensure that everyone has access to quality medical products and health care.  Professionally managed recovery programs:
  • Extend the useful life of Ascension Health’s investment in medical products by redistributing them to healthcare providers in low resource settings.
  • Expand Ascension Health’s  capacity to serve the poor by providing access to quality and usable products.
  • Mitigate the most common risks associated with medical product donations by vetting the MSROs and recipients.
  • Systematize donation policies, practices, and measurement.
  • Facilitate donation administration by providing online application and reporting tools.