Annual Report

Dear Friends, In places where some patients travel literally all day for care – there are no second chances when it comes to saving their lives. In many places, their health care providers rely on donated medical supplies provided by Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations and International Non-Governmental Organizations to treat patients. As a result, millions of lives are saved that would have otherwise been lost to preventable diseases and treatable conditions. However, it is also true that far too many health care providers are burdened by the relentless influx of useless equipment, devices and other medical products into their healthcare settings. In 2012 medical product donation stakeholders from across the United States gathered at the Carter Center in Atlanta to envision a strategy to improve the quality of medical products through improved standards, increased accountability and effective cross-sector collaboration.  Little did they imagine that in four short years they would create a Code of Conduct, Accreditation Program, a new organization and ultimately partner with the nation’s largest non-profit health system to develop a replicable, standards-driven medical surplus recovery program for hospitals.   We are proud to share these accomplishments and more in this our first MedSurplus Alliance Annual Report. AB Short, MedSurplus Alliance Leadership Council Chair Lori Warrens, Executive Director