US Health and Human Services Secretary visits Dispensary of Hope

“The real innovators, problem-solvers, and healers are not just in Washington, D.C.—they’re in Nashville, Tennessee.and in cities, towns, and state capitals all across the country. I got to see that work first-hand at Dispensary of Hope on Tuesday. Their collaborations are helping to ensure that medicines are not wasted and that those in need get them.” Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom Price MD   ( Earlier this week US Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price got a first hand look at how MSA Accredited member Dispensary of Hope (DOH) is helping ensure that all Americans have access to the pharmaceutical products that they need, but cannot afford. The Secretary toured the DOH operation where the staff discussed with him the urgent need to address current gaps in the US healthcare system and how programs like the Dispensary are essential to ensuring that every American has the healthcare they need to thrive. Thanks to the DOH, over the past year 671,000 prescriptions were filled with products provided by generous drug manufacturers or donors and then distributed through a nation-wide system of outpatient pharmacies and charitable clinics. Prescriptions that otherwise might have never been filled and patient healthcare needs unmet. To learn more about Secretary Price’s visit

There should be no double standard in the quality of an item.  If it is unacceptable in the donor country, it is also unacceptable as a donation.

I was also delighted to learn that the Dispensary’s CEO Chris Palombo and COO Josh Kravitz took the opportunity to share with the Secretary the importance of eliminating the double standard in medical service quality for the uninsured and mentioned the MSA Accreditation Program. Eliminating existing double standards in healthcare is one of the Four Core Donation Principles that form the basis of acceptable medical equipment, consumables, and pharmaceutical donation practices described in the MedSurplus Alliance Code of Conduct and Accreditation Program. With your support, we can ensure that no one in the United States or around the world dies or fails to thrive because they cannot access quality medicines and medical products. Lori Warrens, Executive Director, MedSurplus Alliance