Honoring the Hard Work of MSROs – Medical Bridges

It is a harsh reality today, that more medical equipment and supplies are thrown away than are re-used by needy clinics around the world. Fortunately, a group of amazing organizations is working to fix this problem by collecting quality used medical surplus and distributing it to qualified partners around the world. VisionLink sponsors the MedSurplus Alliance support these Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations (MSROs) and their stakeholders. The focus of MSROs is to recover quality unused or surplus medical items requested by healthcare providers in developing countries. Sometimes these organizations are a part of the health system, and other times they are not-for-profit organizations, often partnering with some of our best American hospitals. Medical Bridges, Inc. is one such accredited MSRO we support. The mission of Medical Bridges is to “bridge the healthcare gap by procuring medical, dental and surgical supplies and equipment for redistribution to qualified organizations and medical missions, primarily in the developing world.” Medical Bridges is a founding member of the MedSurplus Alliance and we would like to share some of the amazing things they are doing to help those in need. Medical Bridges recently passed the anniversary of a tragedy that has impacted their work for over nearly two decades. November 18, 1999, Texas A&M was in the process of building a 59-foot high stack of logs for a bonfire, which collapsed during construction. Of the 58 volunteers working to build the bonfire, 12 were killed and 27 were injured. In honor of those killed, more than 700 volunteers helped to turn four shipping containers into mobile medical clinics. These mobile clinics are being used in Kenya, Haiti and Honduras. In addition, Medical Bridges stocked each of the four mobile clinics with $100,000 in medical supplies. Learn more about this work here. We want to honor the hard work of all MSROs and today Medical Bridges specifically. It is the dedication of such giving people that help make our world a better place, in times of hardships, disaster, or simply when a child or an adult needs every day medical assistance. If you would like to learn more about Medical Bridges Inc. or the MedSurplus Alliance please click on the links above. Also, feel free to follow us on twitter (@MedSurplus), Facebook, and Instagram (@MedSurplus_Alliance). Please stay tuned for more information on other MedSurplus Alliance stakeholders and the great work they are doing. You can donate to Medical Bridges from this donation page.   Douglas Zimmerman Board Chair of Avancera Partners